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"Papoutsi is about a true story, more than just a shoe"

Our thoughts

our hands, Papoutsi`s making off, our company

Papoutsi is handmade. In the Netherlands.

Through my hands. And additional hands of people who support temporary Papoutsi.

Special people for whom Papoutsi is supportive, in his / her personal life.

Because Papoutsi derives its existence from the power of people.

Papoutsi is about you, me and the other.

With this form of business I give Papoutsi an additional value, the value of the product as an instrument.

Papoutsi as a tool for people, from free choice and daily routine,  to get back in touch with their own value (s) and truth. With their own talent.

A workplace where we, all in contact with each other, in small teamwork, care for everyone, and our own purpose. 

In this way, our hands and your feet are connected. 


Leather - tanning

Papoutsi intentionally uses vegetable tanned and chrome-free  leather.

And is therefore less harmful to humans and the environment .

A safe and pleasant idea for our health and environment.

Especially for large and small people who are sensitive to metallic

tannins in direct contact with their skin.

Like children. Or people with a ( metal) allergy.

At the end you wear Papoutsi in direct contact with your skin.

Papoutsi wants to bring together the power and vulnerability of people and the environment.


Leather - Processing

We choose to process the leather as pure as possible .

In this way Papoutsi shows that leather has been a living product . This fact we like to cherise.

As a result, insect bites , scrapes , scratches , abrasions and scars are plain visible.

Just like us human beings.

After healing, the skins retains the original quality .

With little visible inperfections in texture and coloration, as a reminder , leaving.

The larger, affected, pieces of skin are not used by Papoutsi, we are working

neatly around it.

For Papoutsi this is leather in its purest form.

Our leather makes each Papoutsi unique.


The leather - The coloring

The Papoutsi leather is colored.

And not provided with an additional synthetic coating.

So the natural breathable and natural character of the leather remains perfectly intact.

The leather is vegetable and synthetic colored. Depending on the color.

The dark Papoutsi colors may colour your foot in the beginning.

Which is a natural feature of vegetable tanned leather, so beware.

The natural warmth and moisture separation from the foot, will influence this,

temporary color issue.

At the (other) light Papoutsi colors, the color release is hardly perceptible or not at all.

A cozy, warm and comfortable wool insole absorbs the first color stains.

Papoutsi colours your schoes in the most natural way possible.


the package

Papoursi chooses, if possible, to reuse packaging materials

for shipments to our retailers.

Each Papoutsi order come in a biological (GOTS certified) cotton voile pouch

Our durable and luxurious packaging comes from the Dutch


This beautiful, reusable, all kinds of luxury shoe storage bag is like a

beautiful gift wrapping.

And also to use as marbles and toy sack and even reusable as a

fruit and vegetable bag.

Papoutsi keeps consciously presentation and packaging materials as durable and

pure as possible.

This choice fits Papoutsi. We do that with pleasure for you.

So you can receive Papoutsi with a smile.


our suppliers

Papoutsi only works with suppliers in Europe.

All accessories are manufactured in Europe.

A reliable, personal collaboration is important to Papoutsi.

Like a high and constant leather quality and the best (nickel free) accessories.

Our tannery used skins that come from animals that have lived

in organic and non-organic farms.

The slaughterhouse doesn’t (yet) separate organic from non-organic

That sounds normal, only for now. At this time this is forced normal practice for Papoutsi also.

Yet Papoutsi wants to handle this practice consciously.

Papoutsi therefore remains open to innovative ways to buy leather that is tanned in a way that least impacts animals, humans and the environment .

And that includes the interest for this skins of animals that have lived

in organic farms.

For Papoutsi change in this process is necessary to remain trustworthy to you.